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Rated 5 out of 5 by El Dingro from iO dock delivers what it says I’ve really enjoyed the dock so far. Hope you eventually find a solution. But just a warning I tried a cheapo extender from China and it didn’t work but the cablejive did! Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Yet they keep selling the unit for I Pad 2. There’s the built-in microphone on the iPad itself of course, and the likes of Line 6’s MIDI Mobilizer for MIDI connectivity, plus various devices on the market designed to connect guitars and other instruments, but what would be really practical would be a single device that offered all the various connections you’d need for musical use with the iPad… And that is exactly the role that Alesis has defined with their new iO Dock.

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I have had the worst experience with the IO Dock from Alesis. Still, I hope Alesis does address the size issue.

One thing the update did, I dont hear anything audio coming out of the ipad anymore. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.

Plugging into Garage Band on the iPad and using this as a front end to an audio system is a given, but using the iO Dock as a front end to applications on the PC or Mac is where it really shines. This product comes to life when you slide an iPad into its docking slot. Tec support says to just wait till the Apple update comes out. vock

Had I known I would have not upgraded my OS to 5. Be the first to review this item. The clean mic input is outstanding and the phantom power for condenser mics is a eock bonus.



Your email address will not be published. Latest Discussions Mila M. The dock itself is sized for the full-size iPad package that ended with Xlesis 4. Alesis iO Dock II.


This is a non-issue. Anyway Alesis has lost a long time customer. Literally burning it would definitely attract more attention, especially if you burned a printout of the brand logo etc. See any uo on this page? Now that everything was connected, the next step was to try it out for a recording.

rock Because of this, it only ships with a quick start guide, rather than a thick manual. I noticed through many different post that the sum of all evils is the forum guys doesn’t know shit about the product and or just knows its shit and beats around the bush for his paycheck. The iO Dock II is a wedge-shaped unit, made of of shiny black plastic that looks a little flimsy, but is actually quite sturdy. It’s compact form and design fit my studio perfectly.

Well-suited for musicians and producers who use apps to create music, the dock lets you connect a guitar, bass, microphones, keyboards and MIDI gear. Honestly, I have 2 and I bought one for my brother and it works very well. I bought an io dock with my first iPad2, it worked flawlessly and the firmware updates easily with no problems.


The iO Dock facilitates recording, performing and creating music at home, in mobile situations and virtually anywhere in between. As more and more applications take eock of the iPad Core-Midi and high quality audio connectors, this docking station will provide incredible flexibility. I’m doing some simple recording and using the ipad and dock as an extra synthesizer animoog etc. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.


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July in General App Discussion. Be aware, though, that some apps are not compatible with the iO Dock – IK Multimedia’s Amplitube for instance, at the time of writing, oi ‘see’ the iO Dock and will only accept an input through devices like its own lo, plugged into the iPad’s headphone.

Now there talking about firmware updates and thats not easy and they say that wont even fix the issue. The dock also features an assignable footswitch jack.

Since the iPad 4th gen was discontinued for the second time inthe life of the iO Dock II is kind over except for those with devices already at least two years old. Instead, take a look at the Focusrite iTrack Professional Dock. For those that have no voice and dont get heard and get told take a ticket go to the end of the line, FU IO-Dock in the circuits go screw your mother board.