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I think I’d be looking for a new controller. Anyway, i still have no idea if it’s a cracked verson or not, but it says virtual dj pro, so cracked or not, it should allow the bcd to work. Buttonline, first run bcd control center as admin, second run Vdj as admin, and once you loose midicontrol rescan for midi devices in Vdj or switch the bcd off and on again, but do not disconnect and reconnect as this doesn’t seem to work Hope this helps you also, greetz Posted Thu 14 Aug 14 3: A selection of popular hardware can be found on our hardware page: So as far as I can tell there is nothing wrong with the driver or software itself. Segal28 Home user Member since hi friend thankls for the reply.

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VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – bcd won’t work with virtualDj 7

I think You’ll be happy with the result. It is well known and been published by Behringer that their drivers are flawed. I tell you my Winamp is running without any problems with the BCD.


Ben Posted Wed 11 Jan 12 4: I can’t help you with the EQ issue unless you post very clear information as to how you have hcd3000 your software configuration. Get latest mapper from VDJ support eg.: If so which version do I need, and where can I get it?

I have not tryed the yet – but most reports we’ve been getting about it are not favorable. If you are using VDJ7 pro then I would suggest you register this software on the forum.

I recently bought the Behringer Bcd it isn’t brand new. Posted Wed 05 Sep 07 It is well worth doing it right: Make sure that the sound configuration is correct: Posted Thu 14 Aug 14 4: If i use bcd like a soundcard on Winamp i have the same problem I think its a driver problem. In that case I might need to find one of these and probleme would be solved. Posted Mon 10 Sep 07 6: But, after 5 minutes working the software hangs up.

However, I have a problem with terrible mic delay. How do I set it up?

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Sometimes, sound doesn’t stop but virtualdj stops working, i mean, i touch play button with mouse or BCD and it does do anything. I ncd3000 it on my computer Windows 7 by the way that recognize it, same when I start virtualdj 7, then when it comes to select the sound card bcd it says: Please post as much info as you can.


We’d recommend replacing the BCD with something more reliable. I think that if the driver failed, virtualdj would work at least with mouse. Then go to the sound setup menu and select the BCD in the soundcard menu. Virtuql to help you but all kinds of issues can be caused by using cracked software.


Posted Mon 10 Sep 07 If you still have any problems feel free to ask. Confirm that the controller is actually working ok by following the instructions link given by DJDad.

What am I doing wrong? I just joined the community so i’d like to introduce me before. These hacked up copies are problem prone. A selection of popular hardware can be found on our hardware page: