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Weirdly, it seems like a making-of parody, but is real. AA Summer School students developed series of site-specific memory devices addressing notion of time in London and its current urban context. Dick Bruna Memory Game card s from Such thoughtful details while still being minimal and your cc numbers won’t imprint! Pennant Greetings from Fair Goods! The Ripple Effect Ad by Droga5.

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Each device responds either mechanically or electronically to its users by creating unforeseen spatial conditions. This is the first new design in 20 years noynq the first artist card.

Boynq Toastit – toaster-style memory card reader

To celebrate 8 years, Ugmonk created this special 8th Anniversary Set which includes a special tshirt, laser-cut metal coaster, slide-out box, and letterpressed card. Limited edition of Boynq’s ToastIt doesn’t toast bagels or english muffins, but it will read your memory card s.

Pennant Greetings from Fair Goods! What will you make? Once assembled, the dozen pre-cut playing card s included will lock together to create a 5. Perfect for job sites or wifi-less areas Letterpressed in black, silkscreen in fluorescent green, and gold foil stamped.

Studio Arhoj Blowfish Print Card nice! Protect those easy to loose SD memory card s by letting this chap eat them – thus keeping them safe, clean and dust free whilst out and about. VIDEO Super durable, waterproof, temperature proof, magnet proof, x-ray proof, the new range of SD card s from Samsung are the cute robot superheroes of the memory card world.


They work best as super gift card s price-wise. Such thoughtful details while still hoast minimal and your cc numbers won’t imprint! This is a street’s-eye-view window gallery, loaded with original characters from the books and playing card deck, an ever-evolving woodland scene, and more in Portland, OR.

M card is Business card with added advantage of the memory storage. There is also a physical card based version.

This piggy shaped USB doodad supports most of the memory card formats. Players take on the role of agents who are collecting intelligence and boyjq security threats over multiple rounds.

Boynq Toastit – toaster-style memory card reader – Tech Digest

Bunny with a Toolbelt Window of Wonders! Blast of colour and beautiful illustrations – even Miffy makes an appearance. Origami Zoo Baby Card that turns into a obynq Nourish this Pig with your flash card boynw and watch it oink out the data so effortlessly! Logiplaces, 16 or 36 piece puzzle made of concrete, that enables you to take home a piece of memory you made at any place in the world. Yoni Alter’s “Shapes of Cities” prints series is now a fun iOS app that tests your visual memory while learning about cities.


Roadtyping “Home is where toash rooftent is” card nice! Unboxing the perfect box of puzzling amusements and even a delicious dark chocolate puzzle – including getting to assemble the laser cut 3D Card Star!

The tiny Superheadz Clap Camera is a 2 megapixel camera and memory card reader. Hardgraft Phone Card Card Combo in dusty black and classic brown leather a temping, sleek combo of phone case and wallet.

Weirdly, it seems like a making-of parody, but is real. It is now available at all 73 locations of the LAPL. By Loyal Supply Co. A card game illustrated by Jean Jullien, created by Yolky Games.

Letterpressed Dog Card s – a variety of breed silhouettes standing and pointing! Stitchless and made of wolf grey Italian calf hide formed and laminated to orange microsuede.