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OK, now back to our regularly scheduled review It offers a multitude options for taking great photos plus, it records your photos on a CD.. Check out the sample photos in our photo gallery! Saving the images to the mini CD-R is something that some camera enthusiasts will find interesting. In the same fashion, while the “official” spec for 80mm media is a capacity of MB, you can find third-party discs on the market with capacities of MB or more. Pressing the arrow key a second time returns you to the normal image display screen, as does pressing the Shutter button halfway. VGA x

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Sony has changed things around with their Smart Zoom system. No complaints about the macro test shot.

DCRP Review: Sony Mavica MVC-CD

Instead of having to use the menu, you can now use the button on the back of the camera. VGA x Sony Mavica This is a great camera. This is a great camera. Get one, learn how to use it, and take great photos. This camera, one of the latest in the Mavica line intrigued me. Sony doesn’t give you as many free CD-R’s as on last years models.

Sony Mavica CD Digital Camera – Computing History

For metering off-center subjects, you can take your reading of dony subject you want metered, then use the AE Lock button on the back panel to lock the exposure reading. It can run the camera without a battery inserted, or charge the battery when the camera isn’t in use.


The menu is normally overlaid on the live viewfinder display. This could be very handy if you need to shoot a lot in very bright outdoor ambient lighting, or if you’re in an environment where the large, bright LCD screen would be a sonj for others.

In Record mode, the information display never completely disappears. When the optical zoom reaches 3x, Smart Zoom takes over, if enabled in the Setup menu.

The Sny quality is excellent — it’s big, bright, and fluid. Video, Power, Software Given the low cost of the high capacity media and their relatively compact sizes, these new cameras could be the ideal “vacation cameras,” perfectly suited for extended trips without a computer to offload images. Besides its movie recording modes, a Clip Motion option available through the Setup menu works like an animation sequence camera, allowing you to capture a series of up to 10 still images to be played back sequentially.

Here are the interesting ones: The best lenses vd500 Sony mirrorless cameras. But its combination of features, form factor and image quality make it siny enjoyable camera to use — and his pick for this year. The lens is protected by a removable, spring-lock lens cap, which comes with an easy-to-thread lens-strap opening and a small tether strap to keep it from getting lost.


What I didn’t care for: Ratings and Reviews Write a review. The adapter by itself soony also be used to attach non-Sony accessory lenses, such as macro adapters, etc. It has a movie mode and microphone to capture live action video.

Picture Effects menu and sharpness adjustment. Jeff welcomes your comments or questions.

Sony CD Mavica CD350 and CD500

You can record moving images with sound at either x pixel VGA resolution or x pixel email resolution. See price on Amazon. The following runtimes were reported by the CD with a freshly charged battery, in Capture and Playback modes. Down here you’ll find the metal tripod mount inline with the lens as well as the battery compartment.

Actual frame rates might vary with the image resolution and the amount of information to be recorded, but in all my tests, it came in at a solid 0. The CD xd500 a total of five autofocus areas.

The included FM50 battery is shown at right.