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Shoestring Astronomy has always been an “evening and weekend” enterprise because of the demands of my full-time employment. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. My day job responsibilities require frequent travel. Now, thanks to the efforts of several individuals, far more powerful features are made available by bypassing the handcontroller and communicating directly with the mount’s stepper motor controller. Total cable length is a little under 3m, can be extended 5m on the USB side. Thanks for clearing that up dave, I wasn’t sure if it was a standard 3. Not sure if that applies to these new TTL levels, but if it similar, then extending the cable on the serial side may be better than on the USB side.

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The mount motor controller should require a minimum “high” signal of 4V min.

To clarify, the chip in the converter is a 3. Here’s the datasheet if you want more details: I was aiming for a neat all-USB approach for my setup. Already have an account?

I haven’t looked at the chip involved but I’m guessing that the chip takes 5v in from the usb, then has an onboard regulator for 3. Do check with a multimeter before hand to make sure you have the 12v lines correctly identified.


The “problem is that in lowering your max level down to 3. Dave, did you cut open the converter or does it bolt together? Posted January 11, edited. It’s no excuse for not posting more though Downloaded and install the driver from here http: Also, the only thumb screw on the EQDir RS connector snapped and I’m reliant on friction to stop the plug falling out.

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Be sure to disconnect the power once this event happens or if you notice any unusual sound coming from uwb motor assembly.

Will try on Windows 7 64 bit later. Gnd-Gnd Rx-Tx Tx-Rx If your connector wiring colours are exactly the same as in these pictures, then the connections are as follows: The chip is a PLHX rev. We will be closed from December 22 to January 2. With regards to the cable length, traditionally serial cable has longer runs before a repeater is required.

The port contains both the 12V power lines and the two TTL level serial data lines. The 2N is a TO part so should fit in the case snugly, and the two unconnected pads along the bottom next to Tx are 3.

I like to run CMOS logic at 12v to give greater noise margins but if these mounts use 5v supply then you’re stuck with a lower noise margin and using 3. Also is it 5v Eqeirect or 3. We will process orders as quickly as we can, in the order received, when we return.


I’ve just ordered a few to have a play with.


However, the features available when they are interfaced to a personal computer are somewhat limited, primarily due to the type of data that is available through the handcontroller’s serial interface. Posted January 11, However, these devices tend to be more expensive and harder to find. CMOS logic levels are 0v and Vcc the supply voltage with half that as the switching level generally.

While we’re on the question of pic usart, is it anything like avr usart where different clock speeds will give different error margins at different baud rates chris? I’ve had mine running over the past month with no issues. I’m in need of making a new canon shutter release, and this might fit the bill Should of read the post a bit closer Edited January 11, by malc-c.

EQ Direct Interface Products. This is not true for TTL levels.

Safe high levels of 5V TTL devices are usually around 2. Ideal for compact USB-only mods as done by yesyes http: