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You will get an error message if you load the wrong one. Characters from USB are appended to a 64k byte buffer, and the buffer write position is reset to zero only when the buffer is empty. The “alias” lines in the files in modprobe. If this all works, you will have your driver file ft You must be root to use modinfo.

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Do not search package names and descriptions; search for files. The file is a.

The receive buffer is not a circular buffer. The data from the SDR-IQ is a byte stream with the data length and type coded in the first two bytes.

You must be root to use modinfo. Your ft driver is now installed, but we are not done yet. All this output is useful information, but look closely at the lines starting with “alias”. That means I can’t open it unless I am root.

Installing the ft Driver

Look at the newest messages at the end of dmesg output. It gives the version of the kernel that is running on your computer. The “alias” lines in the files in modprobe. When you upgrade to a new kernel, you must re-compile the ft driver for that kernel. Or try loading it with modprobe as root. The ft driver works fine at k SPS and I don’t know its upper limit yet.


If you have trouble, try looking at kernel messages with dmesg. If you downloaded Linrad and ran “make sdr14”, then the ft driver is installed in a different way. So you must be sure to read all available characters before the buffer has a chance to overflow.

The command line version is aptitude use “man aptitude”. But if you want to install ft as described above, then don’t use “make sdr14”. Libux old version will not even be found, and may not work anyway.

The correct file on my system is ft I use Synaptic on Debian. This is a good time to become familiar with the uname -r command: Therefore I am giving more than the usual amount of explanation so you can adapt this to your needs.

You can write me at user name jahlstr computer gmail. Find out which package provides that file, and install it.

Installing the ft245 USB Driver

If this all works, you will have your driver file ft You can check the Linrad Makefile to see exactly what you need to remove. Even if things seem ft25 work, they may fail in the future if the wrong driver accidentally gets loaded first. You read a block by decoding these two bytes and then reading the rest of the block using the length.


That means you need the file foobar. The above rule specifies that files named “ft?

Linrad also has its own version of ft To detect a loss of synchronization, I consider all lengths less than 2 the length includes fft245 two-byte header and greater than 50 large data blocks have a special length of zero to be an error. This document describes how to install the ft driver on a modern Linux system.