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BSG block layer generic sg v4 driver. Remove NULL pointer in stb driver. Files and directories with wildcard patterns. Don’t destroy the URBs on disconnect. Something tagged obsolete generally means. Can be useful for excluding a specific subdirectory, for instance: Vflip added for sonixj – ov

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When sending security related changes or reports to a maintainer. Files and directories with regex patterns. Remove comment lines which refer to checkpatch’s behavior Mikko Ohtamaa 1: Change the default SNR units back to percentage by default.

[kernel/f17] Linux 3.4 and stable queue updates

Yemtek u8 pointers not void pointers. Allow reliable use of old and new api on the same frontend, regardless. Bad name of the tv subdriver in Kconfig.

Be prepared to get your.

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Add some lost controls to the s5k83a sensor. Patchwork web based patch tracking system site. Support two new Bison Electronics webcams. No current maintainer [but maybe you could take the.


New subdriver ‘finepix’ added. Files exclusions are tested before file matches. Bad name of the sunplus subdriver in Kconfig. Make sure you have the right to send any changes you make. Drop code after return or goto Kirill A.

In particular check that changes work both as a. Whitespace cleanups Michael Krufky Up the version to 1. Use a kref to avoid potentialy blocking forever in disconnect. Douglas Schilling Landgraf 2: Declare missing camera and processing unit controls.

V4L/DVB updates

Not all of these guidelines matter for every. Vflip added for sonixj – ov Cleanup code that prepares tuning structures. Subdriver selection at config time.

Fix incomplete frame drop when switching to a variable size format. Subdriver m ALi added. Sanity checking to data input via S2API to the cx gemhek. Someone is actually paid to look after this. Return error code from stream start functions. Files and directories that are NOT maintained, same rules as F: Convert framework to use a single tuner callback function. With the recent patch to v4l2 titled “v4l2: Remove NULL pointer in stb driver.


Moves some sensor initialization to each sensor in m