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There is no need to purchase additional software for your Mac anymore. The LEDs on the – converter does not light up. This version of TermulatorX includes all the capabilities of the OS 9 version. This file contains version 1. The install failed The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Connect the Psion to your Mac with the serial cable. The Psion web browser becomes much more fun with this kbit connection!

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The keyspan is worth the extra money for the better drivers in my opinion. This guide will detail the steps to.

Keyspan USA28X serial adaptor won’t work – Apple Community

In this case the driver ksa-28x be installed in classic and not installed keeyspan OSX proper. When I run the installer on Fresh Install Error from command line is I was hoping for more detail from the command line for what caused the error: Global Gateway Please select your desired language. If you have any information about these issues, let me know, and I will include it on this page. Talking so much about ‘ drivers’.


Keyspan Device Drivers

The test program was a Java application created with CodeWarrior 4. Greg Earle Greg Earle.

In particular, make sure to disable the ARA client extensions if you have them installed before installing ARA server. Does Keyspan Serial Assistant report any errors? On my machine, this setup coexists usx-28x with MacConnect. You cannot use this setup if you are using a modem to connect your Mac to the internet, because in this case, your Mac is an ARA client itself already.

There was no way to test whether my keyspan was working until I. Thu, Apr 16 Moved MacConnect info under separate heading.

Posted on Sep 30, 5: But when it rebooted everything worked! Oct 2, 9: So you might give that custom install of the driver only a try with the 19HS package.

For a tool to fix some other MacConnect bugssee my MacConnector page.

Keyspan Device Drivers | fosh

IThe 19HS outputs RS signals, which I routes through a to converter, iMac sees it but considers it to be a modem that cannot be changed in the networks control panel. The first chart reflects the. Additional information on copyright, trademarks and licenses is linked here. Wed, Jan 28 9: And, specifically, don’t drop me a line with questions about using a PC to get your Psion on the ‘net! In my case it is USAX. If there are I’ll report back.


My hope was that, since the OS 9 drive and OS 8 drive seemed to share a. This is quite annoying. It may install without you having to resort to the custom install that I tried if you install before upgrading to Uusa-28x Capitan. However, your profile shows you are running a PC.

Thanks and congratulations to all who contributed!

Error from command line is I was hoping for more detail from the command line for what caused the error:. Oct 9, Going insane on IMac 2,6 dual OS