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Glad you figured it out. Mackie Onyx with fw, Latency? Buffer latency compensation problem, Mackie Onyx i, PT11 native. By the third new speaker set for the FOH, we realized that it was the preamps. FYI, if you can afford it, the circuitry can actually be done pre instead of post.

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No ASIO Firewire Output from Audition to Mackie Onxy!!

Originally Posted by Amack. Otherwise, I’d set it up again and give it a go. It’s also entirely possible that the Mackie “tech” was some high-school dropout that knows more about his Metal Zone pedal than Mackie products or IRQs. It’s unclear if you are talking about ADC or standard record buffer correction in your posts.

Buyer Beware: Mackie Onyx mixer w/Firewire | Harmony Central

Skip to main content. I have just been 2 months of sheer hell with Mackie http: And before then, I’ve never met an IRQ problem that couldn’t be solved, even back when I owned an clone.

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm I have read the other thread and looked at the attachment PDF screenshot and 1460i cannot be sure what you have done. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. Essentials Only Full Version. Also, the channel mapping confirms that inputs and outputs are set to the appropriate Mackie channels. Zargg Max Output Level: It is still not clear if this has anything to do with this thread.


Mackie 1640i and Sonar

I installed the Adobe CS6 suite on my Windows 7 computer. User Control Panel Log out.

Lynn Max Output Level: Just be sure to use ASIO drivers. Forums Posts Latest Posts. The audio is there and playing, I just can’t hear it!!! Seems to me a gap in the market here though The last track “Audio 6” shows how I calculated the net sample delays in the track comments in an attempt to address mesaone’s concerns about Windows Audio Device latencies.

I can turn off the Mackie and set the Hardware settings to my regular computer speakers and hear the audio fine, but this does me little good when recording from my Mackie and needing to hear the song while recording a new track. But seriously, the Mackie was a pretty good mixer when I had it. View More Photo Galleries. If you are just looking at IO buffer latency compensation then maxkie can mqckie turn off ADC for your tests.


Maclie the Obscene http: Don’t buy from Mackie folks Send a private message to pcappa. Basically, unless you’re sitting in a server room or a meat locker, you can’t run them any louder than you would a near field monitor. I’ve been searching for an answer to the same problem, and came across this forum.

Onyx Driver Compatibility | Mackie

What happens in your test when you use an interface onyz native ASIO drivers? Bourke on Mar 9, at 4: Send a private message to Darryl Ramm.

MME will not even play, let alone record or monitor. Perhaps yours came with one, too. There’s probably at least a little kernel of truth to it then.

When I increase the buffer size on my Studio Capture the “System Delay” increases accordingly – so it continues to work properly.