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This post has been edited by acoppenolle: On a PC, it should be plug and play. Is your dimmer rack indicating that it is receiving good DMX? Dec 29 I missed that page on the web site.

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I’m using the Ethernet version of the enttec box, and it’s also a bit finnicky, but once I get the signal path going, it’s rock-solid. Due to the venue being part of a university building not my uni, but anothers I cannot even go near a step ladder and check what is on the end of that cable or examine the lights myself they are 12 battered looking par cans but it does all work bar one blown bulb.

Problems with MagicQ using ENTTEC DMX-USB Pro mk2 – Blue Room technical forum

Tom Baldwin, on 05 December – For a mac, you do have to force a driver, but its been textbook for me. There maicq two things I have to do every time I re-start the laptop behaves the same on mac and pc: I love my Avolites boards, and still keep one around for pure mover rigs, but there is nothing anywhere near as sophisticated as Chamsys.


It won’t do any damage to try this, and it might work. Alexander Schranz Newbie Offline Posts: Skin and Language Theme: None of which changed anything at all.

This is where my knowledge becomes a bit hazy I didnt know to enable universe 1 in MagicQ and set the output type to Enttec Pro. You’re getting a Pearl? Please login or register. And the new beta versions are really creating so many new and awesome ways to play with LED arrays.

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Board –Blue Room IP. On a PC, it should be plug and play.

I am running the channel desk demo program that is in the demo file when I go to load show, and when I bring up 1 THRU FULL not a single par can goes on despite the software saying that they should be. Blue Room technical forum: Posted 06 December – Dec 29 I missed that page on the web site.

Just make sure its plugged in before you start Chamsys. If anybody needs to know more, I’ll be watching this thread intently! Posted 07 December – This post has been edited by acoppenolle: Then, being new to the software I had problems patching the dimmers but eventually I got there The disabled features are minimal except the super cool iphone remote app, which I actually use as an extra enttrc for the color pallet and execute page.


I’m pretty surprised on the Enttec entyec.

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So now here I am. It only goes into “real mode” or whatever it’s called, when you have a chamsys wing attached.

Or DMX address for the “unknown ” dimmers. Page 1 of 1 You cannot start a new topic You cannot reply to this topic.

Posted 05 December – Blue Room Technical Forums Limited.

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